Introducing Toresto

Your new way to find heavenly and tasteful bites

Toresto is the mobile app for you, food adventurer and lover. Toresto is your new way to find any heavenly and tasteful bite.

Have you had enough of that one same restaurant you always go to? Are you dying to try something new, but have zero knowledge about restaurants around you? Or do you simply have no clue where to spend your lunch time today? Here's a tip: get Toresto. Toresto will take you on a food adventure to experience new flavors where you might find your new favorite food.

Gone are the days of having to browse the internet, asking for directions, and looking up numbers on the yellow pages. Toresto will provide all those information, in one app. Restaurant name? Definitely. Address? We'll even give you directions on Google Maps. Phone number? If the restaurant have one, we most likely have it. Don't know what to order? We'll even show you some of the menu. It's culinary tour, as easy as it gets.

Even better, with Toresto, you can share information with other Torians; that's how we call Toresto users. Is your favorite restaurant not listed yet in Toresto? You can add it yourself.

All these, on your mobile phone.

For questions or further information, contact us by email: or by phone: +62 22 79545458.